Our Team

The Busy-Bugz team consists of 9 staff members, who were hand-picked not only for their special skills, experience and personality traits that complement the team dynamic, but also for their clear love of the children in their care.
At Busy-Bugz we are passionate about your child’s happiness, growth and safety and our teachers are dedicated to developing your child’s potential. We are sensitive to and respond to every child’s individual needs.
The Butterfly Class provides a loving and caring environment for babies of a few weeks to two years old. Cathy, Florrie and Erika have been specifically selected as caregivers for the Butterfly class for their special gift of loving and caring for the very young, and these ladies are experienced and dedicated. To ensure personal care in a homely environment, a maximum of ten babies is cared for in this class.
The Caterpillar Class provides early education and fun (and even potty training) for children between the ages of two and three. Teacher Keri, supported by her efficient and loving assistant Tanja, ensure that learning is a fun yet dynamic experience. No more than 20 children are cared for in this class.
Teacher Natalie in the Dragonfly Class provides basic education and activities for children between the ages of three and four. Although 25 children can be accommodated in this class, the group is generally much smaller and provide excellent one-on-one time with the teacher.
In addition to all the fun stuff, teacher Euodia places emphasis on school readiness in the Beetle Class, and this is incorporated in the children’s daily activities. This class caters for age group four to five and also allows for 25 children. However, it is also typically much smaller in size, ensuring ample attention and assistance.