Renovation Work at Busy-Bugz

The time has finally arrived for Busy-Bugz to receive a face-lift. After three and a half years of relentless fundraising efforts we have finally raised enough money to tackle the long awaited and much needed maintenance of our school buildings exterior and roof.

Renovations will kick off on Monday 07 July 2014 which incorporates the replacement of all the roof sheets, replacement of the gutters, fascias and barge boards and re-cladding the outside of our school buildings.

Caterpillar, Dragonfly and Beetle Class kids: We have arranged with the primary school next door to make use of their facilities during this period and we ask that you please drop your child at Sedgefield Primary school gate as of Monday morning 7 July. We will be making use of the Grade R classroom and their playground.

Butterfly Class kids: You can drop your child at 22 Bleshoender street, Sedgefield as of Monday 7 July 2014.

Our school hours will not be altered during this period and we are still open from 07:30 to 17:00

Busy-Bugz passion is to always improve our children’s learning surroundings by providing a safe and fun-filled environment for our community’s children to learn and grow in.  This is only the first step in our greater plan to give Busy-Bugz a new look.  We are hopeful that we can raise enough money with our upcoming fundraisers of 2014 in order for us to complete the interiors of all the classes too. 

We will keep you informed as to the progress made with our renovations

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Fundraising Efforts

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